Topic: Social Media & E-safety-Purpose and Preferences

The aim of this session is to allow students to take part in a discussion and talk about social media and how to be safe online. Also, focus on preferences on a variety of social media apps and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the latest social media tools. This session will also allow learners the experience of asking and answering open and close questions of their peers. This starter activity will enable them to get to know each other using the breakout rooms function on MS Teams.

Lesson Objectives:


  • To introduce ourselves and give personal information to other students using present simple and verb to be – am/is/are
  • To form ‘Wh’ type open questions to ask for information
  • To identify various social media apps available and its purpose
  • To talk about preferences in using social media apps using the grammar – gerund, I prefer using, I like playing, I adore researching,..etc
  • To discover how addicted you are in using social media
  • To identify E-Safety rules
  • To talk about advantages and disadvantages about using social media

Get to know each other – Padlet:

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Learning about Social Media and E-Safety – Padlet:

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Student Feedback

Session 1 Feedback from students