Topic: Develop further knowledge and identify the importance of International Women’s Day and why it is celebrated around the world

The aim of this session is to learn more about women’s rights around the world and in students’ own country.  Also, having a discussion and talking about women’s right will give students an opportunity to express their opinion, views and add and contrast ideas by using discourse markers for speaking. Famous inspirational women around the world will be identified. Also, students will complete quizzes, online tasks and take part in a breakout room discussion and talk about what these women have succeeded in. One of the true stories highlighted in the lesson will be based on Malala Yousafzai, where students will read about her incredible life story. Finally, all students will be given the chance to enter the writing stories competition of 2022 and take part in writing a story on an inspirational woman they admire.

Lesson Objectives:


  • To identify the importance of International Women’s Day and why it is celebrated
  • To listen to an audio for key information and identify the correct word order to make questions/statements related to women’s rights
  • To take part in a discussion and express their opinion/views about women’s rights in their country by using discourse markers for speaking, i.e for adding and contrasting ideas
  • To check comprehension of Malala Yousafzai’s key information of her incredible life story by completing an MS Form quiz
  • To identify a few famous inspirational women and what they have succeeded in
  • To listen to the details of the writing stories competition and take part in writing a story – no more than 4 A4 sides


International Women’s Day Presentation

Inspirational Women

Daniel Daniel
zeeshan zeeshan
Mother Teresa from Calcuta Mother Teresa from Calcuta
Mariam k final Mariam k final
Hussain Hussain
Inspirating Woman Inspirating Woman
jawad jawad
Inspirational women 1 Inspirational women 1
Leena final Leena final
Malaika Ikram Final Malaika Ikram Final
Andrea Andrea
Rukhma khaqan Rukhma khaqan
Ilona Vailachi Ilona Vailachi

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Women’s Rights Videos

Video Iqra Video Iqra
Video Vlad Video Vlad
Video Ayan Video Ayan
Video Tanees 3 Video Tanees 3
Video Tanees 2 Video Tanees 2
Video Sychta Video Sychta
Video Tanees Video Tanees
Video Soroud Video Soroud
Video Rukhma Video Rukhma
Video Ramadan Video Ramadan
Video Nawal Video Nawal
Video Mohammed B Video Mohammed B
Video Muhammad A Video Muhammad A
Video Mehdi B Video Mehdi B
Video Mariam Video Mariam
Video Kardas Video Kardas
Video Karwan Video Karwan
Video Jawad Video Jawad
Video Hussein Video Hussein
Video Cieslar Video Cieslar
Video Cristian Video Cristian
Video Cupial Video Cupial
Video Fatima A Video Fatima A
Video Zeeshan Video Zeeshan
Video Fatima B Video Fatima B
Video Humza Video Humza
Video Aws Video Aws
Video Arhaf Video Arhaf
Video Andrea T 3 Video Andrea T 3
Video Andrea T Video Andrea T
Video Aland Video Aland
Video Abdiaziz Video Abdiaziz

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Writing Competition entries

story Hien story Hien
Minh Tuan Minh Tuan
Sylvia Sian Kwan Sylvia Sian Kwan
Sepehr and Siavash Soheil Sepehr and Siavash Soheil
Brayden Brayden
killerAyan killerAyan
Horror story Pablo Horror story Pablo
Ahmed My grandmother's story Ahmed My grandmother's story
Ramadan Ramadan

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Student Feedback

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