Session 2 – Celebrations in my city

Topic: Describe your city; the place and winter wonderland

The aim of this session is to identify and explore a wide range of festivals celebrated in students’ town or city. They also used Padlet to showcase their own town by pinning it on the Padlet virtual map. You will also discover and take pictures of beautiful scenic wintry views of Christmas or snow in your town or city. Students finally complete feedback using MS Forms to highlight their reflection on the whole lesson.

Lesson Objectives:


  • To compose sentences using ‘Wh’ type questions talking about your town and celebrations
  • To use descriptive adjectives to talk about your town/city and celebrations
  • To identify your country on the virtual map using the Padlet app
  • To take a picture and post a short text showing how you or others are enjoying Christmas in your town or city.
  • To complete a feedback form using MS Forms

Reflect session 2 Microsoft Reflect

session 2 Microsoft Reflect - Together view - Dec 13

Celebrations in my city – Padlet:

Made with Padlet

My Town – Padlet:

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Homework: My Winter wonderland

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Students Feedback Session 2