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This year the 2023 ESOL Global Learning Project involves six colleges from across the globe, to work together and take advantage of another opportunity of working on a blended learning project which covers Life Skills topics. Students from Bağlica Şehit Kalener Özdemir Anatolian Religious High School (Turkey)Bradford College ESOL 16-18 (England), (Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. P. Stalmacha (Poland), Mircea cel Bătrân Secondary School (Romania) and Norra Real High School (Sweden), and  joined forces online to participate in this project. Unfortunately, this year Cardiff and Vale College in (Wales) was unable to participate online due to a clash in timetable, so other alternatives in terms of methods of communication were considered. The benefits of online learning is transparent when it becomes possible for the students in Wales to continue to join our project, while being offline.

The six sessions we designed for our Global Learning Project Phase 2 was based on the hybrid model, flip learning and both online and face to face learning. All sessions were set on MS Teams to give all students around the world access to a high standard of teaching, learning, and assessments, incorporating online resources, access to digital tools/apps and interact with their peers via break out rooms on Teams.

Bradford College
Bradford College in England

Bradford College has been teaching for 185 years.

We are one of the biggest education and training providers in the region, with around 20,000 students studying their A Levels, vocational qualifications, community courses, apprenticeships, degrees and masters with us.

Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace w Wisle
Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace w Wisle in Poland

Liceum im Pawla Stalmacha in Wisla is located in a beautiful park area with a lovely view on the Beskidy mountains.

Students attending the school are between 15 to 19 years old. They study on different tracks with such focus as sports, media, medical, or law and history, with two foreign modern languages, English and German.

Mircea cel Bătrân Secondary School

“Mircea cel Bătrân” Secondary School, is one of the highest ranked schools from its county, being on the first place in town, and on the tenth in county, in what concerns the results obtained by the students and teachers involved in the forming process. With a number of 674 students, from preparatory class to fourth class (aged 6-11) 375 students and from fifth class to eighth class ( aged 11-15) 299 students.

Bağlica Şehit Kalener Özdemir Anatolian Religious High School

Our school is a small, local and new state high school which was founded in 2017. It was named after a martyred soldier.
Our students are between 14 and 18 years old. They study on both science and social science. Also they take religious education and they learn English and Arabic.

Norra Real
Norra Real High School

Norra Real is the oldest upper secondary school in Stockholm. It is a public school in the middle of the Stockholm city center and has been in the same building since 1890.

The school has approximately 1000 students and three educational programs: natural science, social science, and the humanities. They are all study oriented, meaning that the students will be eligible for higher education after graduation.

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