2023 Session 4 – Inspirational People

Topic: Inspirational People around the World

The aim of this session is to learn about famous inspirational people around the world. Students will post comments on Padlet about who they think of as good or bad role models, which famous person has helped them overcome a difficult situation, identify a wide range of celebrities in a Kahoot quiz, read a text on Reading Progress – are celebrities bad for you, and focus on the pronunciation of the words followed by answering true/false questions on an MS Form. Finally, learners will take part in a group discussion in a breakout room to identify celebrities and talk about their positive and negative qualities. This session will also allow learners to express their preferences as to whom they admire as a good role model and why.

Lesson Objectives:


  • To identify at least 6 famous inspirational people around the world
  • To talk about a famous person’s positive qualities using adjectives
  • To read a text for gist and complete true/false questions to check comprehension skills

Task 1 – Reflect Poster for session 4

Session 4 Microsoft Reflect - Together view - Feb 28
Session 4 Microsoft Reflect – Together view – Feb 28

Task 2 – Celebrities

Made with Padlet

Task 3 – Reading Progress – Are celebrities bad for you?

Screenshots of students reading the text.

Reading progress homework 1
Reading progress homework 2
Reading progress homework 3
Reading progress homework 4
Reading progress homework 5
Reading progress homework 6

Are celebrities bad for you? – the Questions

Screenshots of the MS Form questions and responses.

Celebrity 1
Celebrity 2
Celebrity 3
Celebrity 4
Celebrity 5

Task 4 – Top 10 Inspirational People with ADHD – video


Task 6 –Students’ Feedback

Session 4 Feedback