Topic: Traditions around the World

The aim of this session is to learn about interesting traditions around the world. Firstly, students will begin by expressing their emotions on Reflect about how they feel about their final Global Learning lesson. They will also develop their reading skills and match traditions with countries. Using Padlet is another activity to allow students to post comments about their traditions in their countries and learn from each other about different culture. To explore further about these traditions around the world, a YouTube video will be shown and students’ comprehension skills will be tested on this topic. Finally, to close off the final session, an award ceremony is scheduled for each country to display their certificates proudly, demonstrating their dedication and participation in the whole 6 months project.

Lesson Objectives:


  • To express your emotions in being involved in the final GL session
  • To match traditions with the right country
  • To compose sentences about traditions in your own country
  • To identify at least 6 different traditions around the world

Task 1 – Session 6 Microsoft Reflect – Together view and emotions of our final GL lesson – Apr 25

session 6 feelings

Task 2 –  Read and Match Activity: Countries and their Traditions​

Task 3 – Padlet Activity: Writing interesting traditions about your country​

Made with Padlet

Task 4 – Watching a video about the interesting traditions around the world

Task 5 – Award Ceremony – Celebrate the success of ESOL GL!

Award Ceremony in Bradford College.

Bradford College
Bradford College 5
Bradford College 4
Bradford College 3
Bradford College 2

Award Ceremony in Poland.

Poland Award Ceremony 8
Poland Award Ceremony 7
Poland Award Ceremony 5
Poland Award Ceremony 6
Poland Award Ceremony 4
Poland Award Ceremony 3
Poland Award Ceremony 2
Poland Award Ceremony 1

Award Ceremony in Romania.

Romania award ceremony 6
Romania award ceremony 5
Romania award ceremony 4
Romania award ceremony 3
Romania award ceremony 2
Romania award ceremony1

Award Ceremony in Turkey.

Turkiye 4
Turkiye 3
Turkiye 2

Celebrations of Success and Reflection

Celebrations of Success and Reflection – Bradford College

Celebrations of Success and Reflection -Turkey

Turkey award ceremony

Celebrations of Success and Reflection – Poland

Task 6 – Students’ Feedback

session 6 responses