We would like to say thanks to the following people who contributed in some way or other, in helping and supporting us to deliver our Global Learning Project successfully. 

Thank you to:

ESOL students from Bradford College (England), Poland, Romania, Sweden and Turkey

Thank you for your interest and collaboration in taking part in the Global Learning Project Phase 2.  Without your commitment and dedication, this project would not have been successful.

Adrian Hutchinson – Head of Department of Adult & Community and Cristina Nicolae – ESOL Curriculum Team Leader

Thank you to you both for supporting us on our Global Learning Project and allowing us to purchase the ‘Book Creator’ app for ESOL students to create interesting stories and publish online. This app gives them an opportunity to enter the Writing Stories Competition 2023, organised by the Library Service.

Mia Themistocleous – Marketing Executive

Thank you for advertising our Global Learning Project through Bradford College social media sites. Your support has been immensely appreciated.

Fraser Wight and IT Team – Head of IT & Learning Resources

Thank you for your IT support and allowing all students to have access to MS Teams and Office 365. Also, creating Bradford College logins for our students which enabled them to have easy access into our MS Teams.

Tim Gildersleeve, Ian Hill, Alex Antrobus – IT Systems Development Team

Thank you for the technical support in creating the Global Learning Website.

Bradford College Library Services

Thank you to the Library Services for taking part in our Global Learning Project Phase 2 by encouraging our ESOL students to take part in the Writing Stories Competition 2023. Also, we appreciate that vouchers worth £20 for each chosen story are presented to the winners on behalf of your department!

Thank you to Lakshmi Banner from the Library Services who offered to deliver two informative sessions to our students on ‘Writing Stories’ and ‘Report Writing Skills’. We appreciate her time and effort in creating relevant resources to demonstrate to our students – how to complete the two tasks successfully. The ESOL students found her activities very interesting and useful.