Topic: Unconditional Love Stories

The aim of this session is to learn about famous love stories around the world. Students will use a variety of digital tools such as Wordwall quiz to match stories, watch videos on Edpuzzle on Romeo and Juliet, sequence the story of Romeo and Juliet in order using MS Forms and complete Quizziz to test their knowledge on the purpose of Valentine’s Day. Finally, for homework, all students will take part in writing a short story based on either expressing their unconditional love for someone who is very special to them or write about a famous love story from their country. This session will also allow learners to record their chosen subject of unconditional love story on Flip to showcase their interest of a love story.

Lesson Objectives:


  • To identify at least 3 love stories around the world
  • To place the Romeo and Juliet story events in order
  • To comprehend and complete at least 10 questions correctly on the Romeo and Juliet story
  • To identify at least 6 facts about Valentine’s Day
  • To participate in the writing story competition
  • To record a short video on Flip talking about your example of an unconditional love

Matching famous love stories around the world on Wordwall – Quiz


Put the events in the order as they happen in the Romeo and Juliet love story using MS Forms.

MS form Romeo and Juliet

Results below of the MS Form Task 2

Session 3 Task 2 Results

A short video on Romeo Juliet love story on Edpuzzle

Kahoot quiz on Valentine’s Day

kahoot quiz session 3

Lakshmi Banner from the Library Services presenting information online on Teams on how to write stories and enter the story competition.

Record a short video of up to 3 minutes on Flip talking about unconditional love stories

Students record a video on either popular love stories in their countries or talk about an unconditional love they have for someone. Who is that person and why are they special to them?

Students’ Feedback

Students' Feedback on Session 3